(transfer of ownership)

The assignor and assignee shall send TAG GmbH by courier an original hard copy of the Letter of Assignment duly filled in and signed by authorised representatives of both parties. After receiving such letter TAG GmbH shall verify the data provided therein. Alternatively, a reciprocal e-mail from both Assignor and Assignee ("Request for Assignment") can be sent at This e-mail shall contain all relevant information in accordance with the template below.


Long-term contracts

Frame Capacity Contracts (FMCT) - Valid as of 01.10.2019

Before TAG GmbH can accept a deal published on PRISMA Secondary, all requirements for the assignment in accordance with the “Letter of Assignment” respectivelly the Request of Assignment in e-mail format, the respective capacity contract  and the “General Terms and Conditions for Transmission Network Access of Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH” have to be fulfilled (in particular, but not limited to securities, signature of capacity contract) by the assignor/assignee.
The approval of an assignment can only be given by the TSO once all required documents are duly provided. The time that an assignee provides all the required documents might be in conflict with the lead times for approving the transaction on PRISMA Secondary Trading Platform (“PRISMA Secondary”), therefore system users shall be aware that the process of the approval of the deal on PRISMA Secondary will only begin after the provision of all required documents. TAG GmbH will approve the respective deal on PRISMA Secondary after verifying the respective documents.
In case an assignor/assignee inserts a deal on PRISMA Secondary without providing the required documentation, TAG GmbH shall inform the involved parties accordingly and will not confirm the trade on the PRISMA Secondary. In case the deal expires, the system users shall have to post it again on PRISMA Secondary as soon as all documentation is provided to TAG GmbH.


For information in respect of the Entry/Exit Standard Capacity Contract (Assignment) as well as the Long Term Capacity Contract (Assignment), please click here.