Transfer of Use

Interested parties who intend to transfer the utilization rights of their capacities on the secondary market and, as system users, are provided with access to the PRISMA Secondary Platform are obliged to publish such information on the relevant platform.
It is underlined that according to § 23 par 1 Gas Market Ordinance 2012 as amended (“Gas-Marktmodell-Verordnung 2012 / GMMO-VO 2012 idgF”) any capacity subject to the obligation of publication which shall be forwarded by assignment or transfer of use has to be allocated by the System User to a valid balance group before the sending of the nominations by the balance group responsible to the Transmission System Operator.
The allocation of a gas transportation capacity to a balance group shall be carried out by the system user having stipulated a capacity contract with TAG GmbH without any exemption by means of “TAG GmbH’s Online Commercial Services Area”.
TAG GmbH shall not be held responsible for the published data in case of the confirmation of the trade.
TAG GmbH shall not perform any validation steps as it is not subject to approval of the TSO. A hint is displayed on PRISMA that the acceptance of transfer of use on PRISMA Secondary by TAG GmbH has to be considered only as a pro-forma acceptance without any verification of its content.