Gas transportation: customers’ nominations resulted the first time in physical reverse flow

As gas system operator TAG transports according to the booked capacities and based on the specific transportation requests (“nominations”) of its customers and according to the applicable market rules. The booked capacities, nominations and physical flow data are published by TAG on the European transparency platform and on TAG’s website in near real-time.

The gas transportation can be carried from Austria to Italy (“forward flow”) and from Italy to Austria (“reverse flow”) within the technical limits of the TAG pipeline system. TAG has adapted since years its technical infrastructure for a physical reverse flow and put in place relevant processes and procedures in order to switch the transportation system from one direction to the other within a short period of time.

For the 1st of October 2022 TAG has received very low transportation requests from its customers for gas transports from Austria to Italy (“forward flow”). At the same time, the transportation demands of TAG’s clients for gas exports from Italy to Austria (“reverse flow”) have remained stable. After processing all incoming transportation requests for both directions, this resulted for the first time in the history of TAG to an actual physical net flow from Italy to Austria.

As gas system operator TAG processes international and domestic gas transports according to its customers’ requests and to the applicable market rules.