Energy Transition

Part of a pan-European grid infrastructure

Austria plays an important role in the energy supply of Europe. Due to its central location, Austria’s transmission networks are connected to many neighboring networks. In the northwest, the pipeline system of Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH is connected to the WAG-system of Gas Connect Austria GmbH for gas transport towards Germany, in the northeast to the system of the Slovakian transmission system operator eustream a.s., in the southeast to the SOL system of Gas Connect Austria GmbH to Slovenia and in the south to the system of the Italian transmission system operator Snam Rete Gas The flow direction is both from the Slovak-Austrian to the Austrian-Italian border and vice versa.

Also in the future Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH in its role as a transmission system operator is and will remain an essential player for pan-European energy supply with gas and other grid-based renewable energy forms such as biogas and hydrogen.

TAG within the European initiatives for hydrogen

An important step on the way to a greener future is the project "H2 Readiness of the TAG pipeline system", which aims to upgrade the TAG pipeline system for hydrogen. This project was submitted to the European Commission to obtain PCI (Project of Common Interest) status. The TAG project group is also in close coordination with E-Control and public agencies such as the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).

At the European level, the European Hydrogen Backbone Initiative is also working to promote the expansion of hydrogen in Europe. This group of 31 European energy infrastructure companies has set itself the goal of promoting the European hydrogen supply by renewing and expanding the existing pipeline system. As TAG, we are represented in the consortium for Austria together with GCA.

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