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If you require information on capacity allocation on the primary or secondary market, transport capacities, auctions on the PRISMA trading platform, the network development plan or tariff calculator etc., please do not hesitate to contact us.

Roberto Tebaldi

Head of Department Business
Development & Commercial

Phone: +43 1 597 51 16 – 58145

Alessandra Podestá

Business & Contracting

Phone: +43 1 597 51 16 – 58011

Oliver Spangher


Phone: +43 1 597 51 16 – 58024

Roman Baginski


Phone: +43 1 597 51 16 – 58149

Our Commercial Dispatching team is available round the clock to answer your questions about nominations on the Commercial Dispatching Platform:

Phone: +43 1 597 51 16 – 58470
Fax: +43 1 597 51 16 – 58479


Procurement Services section

We work closely with colleagues across TAG GmbH to help identify the most suitable partners and contractors for their diverse projects.

Contractors are selected with the utmost care and required to adhere to strict safety guidelines and the highest quality standards.

To protect both our employees and our contractors and to ensure a first-class service, the following guidelines and standards are binding for all partners:

If you are invited to a current eTender, please login to our SRM plattform.

Free planning information in accordance with the Environmental Information Act (UIG)

We are, of course, available to answer questions and provide detailed information about the location of pipelines and easement strips.  Our gas pipelines run underground and are signposted at certain points with pipeline markers. If you intend to carry out digging, excavation, trenching, civil engineering or any other construction work in the vicinity of the pipelines, you are obliged to planning information to us in advance.

Our “Guidelines for safe working in the vicinity of natural gas pipelines” contain important information for those requiring information (project engineers) and contractors working near our pipelines and associated facilities. The document specifies preventative measures to safeguard pipelines and related infrastructure during excavation or other construction projects. These measures are intended for both individuals and companies involved in the planning and execution of these projects.

Contact for planning information:

Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH
Phone: +43 1 597 51 16 – 58000

Important: When submitting an inquiry, please provide the following information, which will enable us to respond quickly and provide you with the information you need:

  • Where? Specify the area in question via coordinates or referencing it in a plan. Additional geoinformation (Shapefile or Autocat DWG in GK31/34 projection) would be helpful.
  • When? Project schedule
  • What? Short description of the planned activity or project
  • Who? Contact person

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