Capacity Trading on Secondary Market

Parties interested in offering/requesting gas transportation capacities in the TAG System on the Secondary Market are subject to the provisions on “Secondary Market for Entry and Exit Capacity” outlined in § 10  of the Gas Market Model Ordinance  as amended (“Gas-Marktmodell-Verordnung 2012 / GMMO-VO 2012 idgF”). Relevant procedures published on PRISMA have to be observed. Detailed Information (parameters, lead time etc.) in connection with capacity trading via PRISMA can be found on PRISMA Platform.

TAG system users have the possibility to forward transportation capacities on the secondary market to third parties by means of Assignment (transfer of ownership) and Transfer of Use (transfer of utilization rights).
In both cases the publication of the capacity transfer on PRISMA Secondary Trading Platform (“PRISMA Secondary”) is mandatory whereby TAG GmbH shall not be held responsible of any data published thereon.
As soon as the respective information is submitted by the involved parties on PRISMA Secondary, TAG GmbH will perform all steps foreseen in the relevant procedures in order to enable interested parties to conclude the deal (buy/sell of capacity). In case of an assignment, any deal will be approved by TAG GmbH only if all required conditions foreseen in relevant procedures are fulfilled.

Please note that TAG system users already registered on PRISMA Secondary and confirmed by TAG GmbH shall automatically be entitled to publish relevant trading information on PRISMA Secondary.

For detailed information how to proceed with the acquisition of capacity on the secondary market, please refer to the "Procedure for the access to the TAG gas transmission system and gas transmission services",  Point 3.  Capacity acquisition on the Secondary Market.