Incremental Demand Survey – Reg. (EU) 2017/459 NC CAM

Dear customer,

In the course of the incremental capacity process for assessing market demand (Reg. (EU) 2017/459, Network code on capacity allocation mechanisms Articles 26), we kindly ask you to communicate your non-binding demand indication for incremental capacity at the relevant Entry/Exit points of Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH’s system by 30.08.2021. Please note that the submission window will remain open after this deadline: according to Reg. (EU) 2017/459, article 26 sec. 7, Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH reserves its right to consider market interests for capacity received after 30.08.2021 in the ongoing or the next market demand assessment.

If you would like to communicate your non-binding incremental capacity demand to Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH, please use the templates available for the respective interconnection points put at your disposal on TAG GmbH’s website below.

For the delivery of your data as well as for further questions please exclusively use the following email address

In order to proceed from the 30.08.2021 with the market demand assessment, TAG GmbH will transmit received demand indications also to the relevant adjacent transmission system operators.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.