Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH is a Transmission System Operator in Austria and the main artery of the natural gas network in central Europe.

The TAG pipeline network consists of about 1,140 km high-pressure natural gas pipes for the transport of natural gas from the Slovakian/Austrian border to the Austrian/Italian border. More than 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas are transported through the pipeline system of TAG GmbH every year.

Since 1974 natural gas is flowing through the TAG pipeline and the system has been continuously expanded since then. In 1988 TAG II was commissioned and the TAG Loop 2 was put into operation in order to increase the transmission capacity.

The Italian company Snam S.p.A. has a share of 84,47% and the Austrian company Gas Connect Austria GmbH has a share of 15,53% in the Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH.

Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH is a certified Independent Transmission System Operator (ITO) as decreed by the Austrian Regulatory Authority Energie-Control Austria.

Topics in connection with natural gas are important to Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH. As member of the Association of Gas- and District Heating Supply Companies TAG GmbH has the possibility to contribute to current questions and matters regarding natural gas.

On European Level TAG GmbH is member of ENTSO-G (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas) and continuously participates in working groups regarding various aspects of the internal energy market.

Additionally, TAG GmbH is shareholder of PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH, the unified European platform for allocation of transportation capacities in natural gas pipelines.

Basic Principles

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