Transportation service

Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH (“TAG”) is a leading company in the transportation of natural gas in Austria with the objective to market its transportation capacity and services on a transparent and non-discriminatory basis contributing to a high degree of security of supply in Europe.

System Users (clients) interested in the services offered by TAG shall acquire the right to deliver and/or off-take a certain capacity (booked flow rate) of gas at an Entry/Exit point of the TAG System stipulating a capacity contract on firm or interruptible basis.

On basis of the booked flow rate of the capacity contract System User shall allocate such capacity to Balance Group(s), which - in accordance with the provisions of the Austrian law and the Terms and Conditions for Balance Group Management - are entitled to nominate in line with the Other Market Rules at the TAG Entry or Exit Point(s) independently. TAG accepts such nomination of natural gas in terms of energy (kWh/h) at the Entry Point(s) Baumgarten and Arnoldstein (Italian-Austrian Border) as well as at the Exit Point Arnoldstein (Austrian/Italian Border), taking into account the technical ability of the TAG Pipeline System.

In its best endeavors to avoid any interruptions/reductions in the transportation service TAG coordinates the necessary maintenance works with the interconnected transmission system operators to minimize any impact on the gas transport.

The natural gas delivered to and redelivered by TAG shall at any time comply with TAG’s specification of natural gas.

For details about the above mentioned services, please refer to the 'Standard Capacity Contract'.