TAG Pipeline System

The TAG Pipeline System consists of three lines, five compressor stations, auxiliary equipment as well as two Entry Points and one Exit Point. The Pipeline leads from the Slovakian - Austrian border near Baumgarten an der March to the Austrian - Italian border near Arnoldstein covering a length of about 380 km and is composed of about 1,140 km pipelines with diameters ranging from 36 to 42 inches and a pressur of up to 70 bar. The total installed power of the compressor stations is approx. 480 MW.

The TAG Pipeline System is used for supplying domestic customers in Austria as well as for the transit of natural gas to Italy. Via the SOL Pipeline System (Süd - Ost - Leitung) of Gas Connect Austria GmbH, which diverges at Weitendorf from the TAG Pipeline System, transit to Slovenia is also possible.

Competence Center Lower Austria

  • +43 1 597 51 16 89100
  • Responsible for: TAG (Slowakian/Austrian border – Schäffernbach)

Competence Center Styria

  • +43 1 597 51 16 89300
  • Responsible for: TAG (Schäffernbach – Styria/Carinthia border) SOL (TAG GmbH is service provider for Gas Connect Austria GmbH for the Süd-Ost pipeline)

Competence Center Carinthia

  • +43 1 597 51 16 89500
  • Responsible for: TAG (Styria/Carinthia border – Austrian/Italian border)