Capacity Allocation on the Primary Market

According to  Regulation (EC) No 984/2013 (“CAM Network Code”) Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH (TAG GmbH) as Transmission System Operator (TSO) offers primary capacity available at each TAG Pipeline System’s (TAG System) cross border interconnection point (Entry/Exit) connecting the TAG System with upstream/downstream transmission networks by means of auctions carried out on a respective platform.

Interested potential System Users have to follow the procedures published on this website in order to participate to TAG GmbH’s Auctions executed on PRISMA trading platform (PRISMA) and to enter into a capacity contract with TAG GmbH.

General Terms and Conditions and Capacity Contracts

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Procedures for Allocation of Capacity in the TAG-Pipeline System

In line with the European Guidelines, the Austrian Gas Act and the process currently developed by ENTSOG on basis of...

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Congestion Management Procedures

In order to avoid transportation services congestion, TAG GmbH has implemented following measures.

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