Free of charge planning information according to the Environmental Information Law

Natural gas Pipelines of TAG GmbH are installed under the ground and are marked at certain points ("Pipeline markers"). In case of civil engineering, excavation works and any other works in the vicinity of TAG pipelines the request of planning information ahead of the works and the infomation notice to TAG GmbH in advance is mandatory!

Detailed site information about the position of the pipelines, the servitude strips as well as further Information can be obtained from the Trans Austria Gasleitung Planning Information ( By taking advantage of this information service you can minimize your legal risk and additionally you increase the safety of the pipelines and of your construction site.

Important: Please include the following information in your request in order to enable a fast planning information:

  • Where? Definition of the requested area by coordinates or a depiction on a plan. Additional geo information (Shapefile or Autocat DWK in GK31/34 projection) are helpful.
  • When? Timeline of the planned activity
  • What? Short description of the activity
  • Who? Contact Person



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In case of delicate and tricky excavation works or civil engineering of third parties we demand the same high safety standards as we apply to ourselves. The guideline for safe works in vicinity of natural gas facilities is relevant for third parties who are active close to natural gas facilities of Trans Austria Gas Leitung GmbH or supervised facilities. It contains measures for people that plan and carry out works in order to avoid damage on the natural gas Pipelines and other facilities.