BRP Services

Webnominations Commercial Dispatching

TAG accepts (re-)nominations of its Balance Responsible Parties (BRP) in the "Edig@s“-format. As an alternative, TAG also offers this web-platform allowing registered BRP to (re-)nominate on a 24/7 basis. Furthermore, this web-platform can also be used as backup solution by these BRP in case of technical problems in transmitting "Edig@s“-format.

Hereby we kindly inform you that TAG’s new “Commercial Dispatching Platform” (CoDiP) for Balance Responsibles will be available as of 07.11.2017, 6am.

From then on, all BRP services (e.g. online nominations, retrieval of allocation data, etc.) will be performed through this platform.


To use this platform please register according to the Online Registration process described in the User Manual


To access the Commercial Dispatching Platform, please click here.


In case of questions regarding the operation of the new Commercial Dispatching platform, please contact the commercial dispatching department:

Tel: +43 (1) 597 51 16 – 58470

Fax: +43 (1) 597 51 16 – 58479


Please note that in this context a change in the structure of our website has also taken place: the sub-sections “BGR Service Platform” and “Web Nominations Commercial Dispatching” under “Online services” will be merged under the new title “BRP Services”.

If necessary, please change your bookmarks accordingly.